Saturday, January 31, 2009

How I Love The Beach

I spent my childhood by the beach. I was so lucky that my father was assigned to remote place in the Riau Isles back in 1980s. I was 8 years old. We lived in a small island called Sambu. The total main road circling the island was only 10 km long. The island was surrounded by beaches. Mostly had been domesticated but some were still untouched.

The company had a housing complex scattered on most the entire Island's low lands. We lived in a big 2 floors Dutch-architectural house by the beach. From the front yard was the main street which about 6 meters wide then there was the beach. so technically the house that we lived in was only 7 meters from the beach and about 20 meters to the sea water. During a specific period of time; November to February, the sea level rose to the height which enough for the wave splashed the body of the street. And sometime when there was a big wind, it could softly reached our front yard.

I spent about 4 and a half years living by the beach and sea. Learning to catch fish using angler and spears. Learning the sound of the wind and marking the calendar for the best time to catch fish. As it was always very windy, flying a kite was very easy. My brother and I used to built structures with sands, we camped and learnt how to keep the fire light in the wind. We also learnt how to make a candle-lantern that would never affected by wind, even a strong one. Living by the beach, I constantly heard the splashing wave. I had gotten used to catch the rhythm when the water hit the sand. It was a constant sound in my ears.

After 4 and half years on that island, my father was relocated to another place. We moved to a city in East Borneo. It was again very close to the beach. Our house was only about 30 meters to the sea. I could easily saw the sea through my bedroom window. I spent 6 years there with my parents and brother, then I had to move for college and career, while my parents lived there still.

Both places had given me so much fun and memories. So many precious moments, with family, schools and friends. Now after so many years, I can never forget them. I am longing for the sound of the wave and the sand on my feet. After so many years as I watched the movie "Mamma Mia", it stroked me with the memory of those special moments.

I promised to my self that I will buy a house near some beach, on some island, I want to be able to reminisce my precious childhood moments, and live everyday with them again.

Pictures of Sambu Island

I uploaded a clip from the movie "Mamma Mia!". A song from ABBA, "Honey, Honey" sung by Amanda Seyfried.
The clip shows the beauty of the beach. The Natural bright sun light and green forest. You'll know what I am talking about.

The below video is the song "Our Last Summer" from the same movie.

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